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Let your Smart Home take care of every aspect of your home.

 It looks after you and your family, saves energy, and by taking care of various things around your home automatically, it gives you back precious time for the more important things in life.  

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Intelligently Controlled...

Lighting with the wow factor

Lighting has the power to transform spaces and moods.   Creating the right mood in your home is as easy as a tap on a switch. 

Protection for you & your family

Whilst you’re asleep, your home keeps watch, alerts you to any intruders and sounds the alarm in an emergency. It can warn you about dangers such as fire or water leaks and light a path to safety. 

Always the right temperature

After a short learning curve, the Loxone Smart Home knows the exact heating & cooling needs of each room and responds accordingly. When you’re away from home, the heating is lowered to save energy. 

Shading that works for you

In the morning you will be woken up by natural light and the energy of the sun will be harnessed to assist with heating your home. Later in the day shade is provided to keep rooms from getting too hot, and at dusk your blinds will close to give you privacy.

Supercharged music

Multi room audio allows you to listen to different music in different rooms of your home and to have your music follow you as move between rooms 

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Smart access control

Set your doorbell to silent mode, so when the pizza arrives, your kids won’t be awoken by the sound of the doorbell. Instead, the lights in the living room will flash to let you know someone’s at the door. 

No need to re-wire - Retro fit available...

With our proprietary wireless technology, you can transform your home into a smart home without the wires. Air offers great reliability and flexibility for areas of your home where pulling cables may not be practical or possible. 

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